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Evolve with Me


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By Appointments Only

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Why Evolve with Jenn?

You will experience a deep state of relaxation

These days, stress is prevalent in our society and in our living and when chronic, it becomes tension in the body and obstructs energy flow. Physical illness is foreshadowed by obstructions in the flow of life energy in the subtle body.  


Managing stress in the physical body alone, such as with a massage, is never long lasting. To truly change and manage our stress response, one must also access it through the mental and emotional layers, the subtle body. Together we will meet at where your tension resides and start you on a path to optimal health.

You will be empowered to be resilient inside and out

Polarity Therapy does not involve transmitting of any healing energy, I will not add anything to your system but instead trust your innate intelligence will shift the obstructions once your system is supported with patience and space.  Our body has a healing potential that is beyond most medicine. The energy will move to where it needs to go, patterns will shift, and your life will be transformed over time in various and often unexpected ways. 

We will target and maximize all of your potentials for living your Dharma (purpose) while negotiating your Karma (challenges from previous and current lives) gracefully. Personal recommendation might start of as a strengthening program, daily 20-minute meditation, or weekly Yin and Restorative and Yoga Nidra for better sleep! 

I will hold space for your journey

Healing is an unique and highly individual process and as such I often resist describing it as “healing”. The obstruction of energy flow, whether from emotional or physical trauma or a disease is there for a reason and together we will move you forward with compassion and awareness.   ​

We will evolve together 

 I will teach you tools, strategies, and show you how to hold space for yourself and eventually others, when it is time. We will all be evolving with a greater sense of clarity, wisdom, connection, and compassion. We are all one in consciousness.

" The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want you already are. "
 - Rumi

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