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Current Offerings


"Yin Yoga and Meditation"
Live Stream Every Wed 8-9pm EDT 

Yin and Meditation i
s a combined practice of turning inward to create a reservoir of wellness for our everyday living. Yin Yoga is an embodied tool that includes long held and deeply nourishing seated and floor poses that target our fascia and nervous system. They help to improve circulation, create joint space, mobilize tissues, release deeply held tension, and the process helps to cultivate mental focus towards a meditative state. A guided meditation in sitting or supine position (Yoga Nidra) will allow one to connect with what’s innately wise and inspirational. This class is for everyone and prior Yoga experience is not necessary. 



"Yin Yoga and Meditate" Class

Every Sunday 6pm EDT

"Sweet Samadhi" Workshop

Join Sweet Samadhi to experience a deeply release of tension stored in the physical and energetic body, and a gentle healing. In this 75-minute sweet self-care session, we will practice Breath work, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga poses supported by a combination of props. Each floor pose will be held for a moderate length of time to allow for an expanded awareness in the mind and body, and for our nervous system to fully relax and the cells to regenerate. Come shed whatever is no longer serving you and rejuvenate for Spring.  Open to all levels, no prior experience is necessary.

"Sweat and Surrender" Workshop

Sweat and Surrender is a signature workshop offered as a Spring Detox that includes the practice of Pranayama, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, and a Yoga Nidra (see description below).  This 90-minute workshop is designed for advanced beginner and intermediate students with foundation yoga skills. The vinyasa flow aims to teach the coordination of movement and breath, increase joint mobility and boost circulation for detoxing.  When one works to let go of tension and allow energy flow, one will truly feel union of the body, mind, and breath (spirit). It is through this awareness and a vigorous flow that one comes to manage the “vrittis” or chatters in the mind.  Following an energetic and empowering vinyasa practice, a sweet Restorative yoga sequence will invite in sense withdrawal and deep surrender. You will be held by a combination of props and gentle hands-on guidance to facilitate a deeper relaxation response and transition into a special Yoga Nidra practice.  

" Thoughtful. 5 Stars.  
As a 53 year old man with no Yoga experience I needed an introduction that was simple and expert. Jen understood that and made the potentially awkward transition easy in our private sessions. I am an enthusiastic student now and I look forward to learning more. " 
 - Michael 

Private Yoga

Private and Semi-Private Sessions:       

  • Customized practices (i.e. stress reduction vs. strengthening)

  • Learn foundation, alignment, and safe modification

  • Support your injuries and health conditions (i.e. to reduce fall risk)

  • Advance at your own pace and safely 

  • Experience guided pranayama and meditation  

  • Establish effective home practices

  • Fit yoga into your busy schedule

  • Gift a session or share a semi-private with a friend 


Sample Class Themes:

  • Beginner's Hatha (Alignment Focused) 

  • Beginner's Vinyasa Flow (Breath Focused with optional Chaturanga Breakdown)

  • Move and Meditate (Cultivating a Meditative State and Kriya Yoga)

  • Introduction to Pranayama & Meditation

  • Yin and Restorative Yoga (Deep Relaxation/Healing "Sweet Samadhi")

  • Yoga Nidra (Meditation lying down)

  • Ayurveda (Dosha) Balancing

  • Chakra Balancing 

  • Yoga for Digestion 

  • Yoga for Anxiety

  • Yoga for Fall Prevention

Please email to request a free consultation! 

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga Benefits: ​​

  • Worker incentive and retention

  • Improve stress and health management  

  • Increases focus and productivity 

  • Promote intuition and creativity

  • Facilitates team building 

 ​Email today for a free consultation!

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