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At EVOLVE  WITH ME LLC, we believe that HEALTH is not only the absence of diseases, but also well-being on physical, mental, and social levels. HEALTH might also be considered self actualization - or a means with which we achieve our highest potential. 

EVOLVE WITH ME LLC offers the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Craniosacral, and Polarity Therapy to recognize and minimize imbalance, by meeting you where your tension resides and by unblocking and restoring the energetic and physical movements in the body. Together we will  explore the source of your tension, clean out patterns that no longer serve you, and create space for your life.  We can address health before it is too late. When we are in a state of optimal health, we can be inspired to live with a greater sense of vitality, trust, purpose, joy, expression, and insight. 

The body has an inherent intelligence to always move towards a state of  balance or Sattva. EVOLVE WITH ME LLC was created in order to facilitate your experience of this potential one step at a time.  

Live your journey with a new awareness... 

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"Like a drop of water contains the ocean, your body embraces the entire cosmos.  Each cell represents all the forces of the universe." 

Alan Finger, ISHTA Yoga Founder

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Jennifer Chang


For decades my life was run by “to-do lists”. Working multiple jobs as an Occupational Therapist, I told myself that I was happy being busy and being "productive".  I didn't know how to stop and relax.  I was lacking.  My life seemed like a runaway train and my body was a wreck with constant aches and pains. Something had to change...

My first yoga class was a struggle, but over time the practice of yoga showed me the tension and emotions that I never knew were there. This insight led me down many years of exploration and combined 2000+ hours of training: Master Training at ISHTA Yoga, Advanced Restorative and Yin Yoga Trainings, Biosonic Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Craniosacral Techniques, plus Advanced Training in Polarity Therapy leading up to Board Certification.


Evolve with Me LLC is a manifestation of my intention to serve and connect.  I am honored to be teaching in the lineage of ISHTA Yoga (Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra, Ayurveda) and introducing various tools including Craniosacral and the powerful Polarity Therapy practice to you. 

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