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Polarity Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy


"I have worked with Jennifer for several sessions and I am truly amazed at the effect Polarity therapy has on your body each time you experience it. The change it promotes in the body is remarkable. t helped to eliminate pain, promoted a sense of balance, and "lightness" in my body. One can actually feel the process and the changes it is creating in the body as the energy moves through. Jenn has healing hands and is truly gifted. There is a feeling of relaxation, clarity of mind, and your body is so energized after the session. It's a therapy worth trying and the feeling in your body afterwards is indescribable! "  R. 


"I have a very chaotic and busy mind and often find I have trouble quieting it. I did not know what to expect my first time and was surprised to see how quickly Jennifer read my body and energy. She was able to balance my energies and bring me to a place of mental calmness that I don't often experience in my day to day life and it was truly liberating!! I was so relaxed and calm afterward, even felt my eyebrows relaxed and the furrows gone! I have had several sessions since and each is its own wonderful experience. She truly has a gift!!!" A. 

"My family tells me my ailments are all in head due to anxiety and stress. A friend recommended I should move the restless energy out of my body. The universe that guided me to the table for my Craniosacral Session. I was a bit skeptical not truly understanding what energy work is supposed to do, however as I let go and relaxed on the table a feeling of serenity came over me and I was able to just be still. The next morning upon waking up, I experienced a rejuvenated feeling throughout my body.  I look forward to my next session with Jennifer."  P.



"Jennifer is the best! I've participated in Jennifer's yoga class for more than a year now and it's by far my most favorite place to practice my yoga. Jennifer is warm and generous and offers individualized, hands-on yoga instruction. I highly recommend Jennifer as a yoga instructor and encourage all yoga lovers, including beginners, to join her class."  Hope 

“'s like being in contact with nature ”   Paola 


"I've had a wonderful experience as a beginner and will continue to work with Jennifer =) "  Billie 

"Very competent, brings wisdom from many traditions… I have taken many of Jennifer's classes and she is well rounded and connected as she teaches. She talks us through poses well and makes relationships between poses and their benefits and how they might relate to life spiritually. I leave class feeling very good in body and spirit."   Patricia  

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga for Runners

 "Jennifer's Yin and Restorative and Yin Yang with Chakra Meditation classes have provided me with a perfectly balanced practice with just the right amount of everything. Jennifer is informative and very mindful of her students needs. She offers challenges and modifications in a reassuring, cheerful manner. I look forward to taking more classes with Jennifer."  Barbara 

"I started taking Jennifer's Yin/Yang Yoga for Runner's Class over the summer, and it was fantastic. I had never practiced yoga regularly before, and was pleasantly surprised at how it helped to improve my flexibility, running, and overall fitness. Jennifer is a great, hands-on teacher, and really knows how the body works. I highly recommend this class!" 

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